Golfing Terms

Like other sports, Golf has its own set of terminologies. There are many golf terms used in the sport which might be confusing to those who play golf, not to mention people who are new to playing it.

You will learn some important golf terms in this article which will help you understand the golf game better.

So, let’s get right into it.

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Some Important Golf Terms You Should Know

Par: Simply known as a professional average result. It refers to the standard score for individual holes or the entirety of a golf course. It translates to the number of shots required of a player to finish a hole or complete a specific round. For instance, if the par on a hole is 5, this means the golfer is expected to finish the hole in 5 shots. One more short or below means the player finishes below or above par.

Tee Box: This is the place where golfers start each hole. This is where players play their first stroke of each hole.

Tee: A tee is a plastic or wooden peg in which you place your ball for the first stroke.

Green: It is an area where the holes and flags are located on the course. The grasses there are usually cut short to make golfers’ final short more difficult. However, it makes their shots more accurate and precise.

Fairway: It is an area of the golf course amid the tee and the green. It’s the path through which a player takes to the hole.

Rough: Refers to the area of the course with longer grass both at the green and fairway. If a golfer hits a shot into the rough, it makes the next shot tougher because the long grass will not allow a smooth connection between the clubhead and the ball.

Putt: A shot taken with a putter when a player is on the green. The general belief is that a putt is any shot taken with a putter. Contrary to that, the player should be on the green while using the putter to consider it a putt.

Putter: It is a flat-bladed club used in golf sport with the intention of making a low speed and short stroke allowing the ball to roll smoothly into the hole.

Birdie: It refers to a situation where a player scores one under par. For instance, a golfer puts a ball into a hole with 4 shots, instead of the standard expected 5 shots. That’s 1 shot less.

Eagle: Similar to the birdie, an eagle is when a golf player scores 2 under par.

Albatross: Similar to the eagle and birdie, an albatross is when a golf player scores 3 under par.

Bogey: When a golfer completes a shot over par. Two over par is a double-bogey.

Bunker: A depression or areas on the golf course filled with sand.

Up and Down: When a golfer chips the ball into the green and putt into the hole with one more shot.

Scramble: When the golfer chips the ball around 50 yards off the green, then scores with the next shot.

Gimme: It is when a golfer plays a ball close to the hole and his or her opponent cedes the shot.

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