About Next18Now

Bridging The Gap Between Golfers & Events


Last year there were over 500,000 golf tournaments in the United States between public, private and resort courses. How many did you play in? How many did you know about? Unless that next event was at your local course, finding your next event proves to be an exhausting task with no definitive resources for the answer at your fingertips…until now. Our mission is bridging the gap between golfers & events giving you the resources needed to find your Next18Now!

Easy Access

Easy access to every upcoming event with all of the event details at your disposal.

Quick Updates

E-mail notifications are sent letting you know what’s available in your area as they come in!

Low Cost

Free service for golf course and golfers with inexpensive service fees for online event registration.

Why Next18Now is Here

You’re either part of the solution or you’re a part of the problem. In this case, we identified three problems in the golf industry when it comes to tournaments:

  • 1) There are no definitive sources for a golfer to go to in order to find their next event
  • 2) There are limited resources available to tournament directors to help fill their fields
  • 3) Golf courses become reliant upon the tournament director in order to be successful

In identifying these problems, Next18Now has set out to change the way golfers can find golf events in their area which helps tournament directors fill their fields and makes golf courses become more successful.


Among the many positions held in the golf industry, a Tournament Director proved often times to be the most stressful for many reasons.

Finding tournament sponsors can often times be cumbersome. Finding golfers to maximize your field proves daunting. And collecting payments from players in advance is a struggle which can make the day of the event often times feel like chaos.

The goal for Next18Now is to alleviate that stress giving your potential sponsors a place to go, your potential players a place to register and everyone the opportunity to purchase in advance.


The hardest position held in the golf industry is by far the Course Operator who is responsible for not only managing the facility but also making sure events go off flawlessy.

Unfortunately, Course Operators are often times handcuffed with their events relying on others for them to be as successful as possible. As flawlessly run as the event is ran, if the field is not full, how successful for the business was it?

Next18Now sets out to help fill these fields maximizing each event for all involved; the Golfer, the Tournament Director and the Course Operator. With this process, everyone is successful with the event.